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Kaiser Permanente and MedImpact work with a broad network of neighborhood pharmacies.

If your Added Choice® plan includes a pharmacy benefit,* you have 2 tiers, or levels of benefit, to choose from: select pharmacies and MedImpact pharmacies. As a member, you can save time and money by using a mail-order pharmacy option in either tier.

Select pharmacies

Prescriptions through Kaiser Permanente pharmacies.

To get your prescription filled by a select pharmacy, the medication must be listed in our formulary. If the medication is listed on our formulary, you will pay the select pharmacy copayment or coinsurance listed in your benefit summary.

The prescription can be filled at any of these locations that have a pharmacy department, or you can sign up for our mail-order pharmacy.*

Use the Kaiser Permanente mail-order service to have your prescription mailed to your home in Oregon or Washington — there is no additional cost for shipping.

Call 1-800-548-9809, or sign on to

You will pay the lowest out-of-pocket costs at these pharmacies.

*A program operated or arranged by health plan that distributes prescription drugs to members via mail. Some medications are not eligible for the Mail Service Delivery Program. These may include, but are not limited to, drugs that are time or temperature sensitive, drugs that cannot legally be sent by U.S. mail, and drugs that require professional administration or observation.

MedImpact Pharmacies*

Prescriptions through participating retail pharmacies under Added Choice®

  • You can fill prescriptions (written by any provider) at MedImpact pharmacies.
  • Kaiser Permanente contracts with MedImpact to fill your outpatient prescription drugs at retail pharmacies across the country.
  • You can use any of the retail pharmacies nationwide in the MedImpact participating pharmacy network.

You can fill prescriptions at any participating MedImpact pharmacy. To find a MedImpact pharmacy, see the Pharmacy Locator page provided by MedImpact, and select the “General Pharmacy Locator” link on the page bypassing the member sign-on request.

For prescriptions under MedImpact (tier 2), call MedImpact at 1-800-788-2949.

Mail order:

Use the Caremark mail-order pharmacy to have your prescription mailed to your home — there is no additional cost for shipping.

Call 1-800-841-5550, or sign on to

*Not all plans have a network pharmacy benefit, nor do all plans have a select pharmacy rider. Consult your benefit summary. Your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) provides a complete definition of select pharmacy.

Find out what drugs are covered.

  • To find out if your prescription medications are on the plan drug formulary, call the Added Choice Contact Center at 1-866-616-0047 (TTY 711).

Pharmacy claims address:
MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 509098
San Diego, CA 92150-9098

FAX: 858-549-1569

How to save money on prescriptions.

  • You can fill prescriptions you get from Participating and Non-Participating Providers at Kaiser Permanente medical offices, where you’ll usually pay the lowest copay.
  • Just bring your prescription and your ID card to the medical office. To find medical offices, go to
  • If you are registered at, you’ll be able to order refills online or by phone and have them delivered, with no cost for postage (applies to most drugs).
  • If you present a prescription for a drug that is not on the Kaiser Permanente formulary, the Kaiser Permanente pharmacist will likely check with the prescribing physician to determine if a therapeutic equivalent from the Kaiser Permanente formulary can be substituted.
  • Information will become part of your Kaiser Permanente medical record, for better coordinated care.